Groundbreaking Service

We are excited to have our very first groundbreaking service as a church Sunday, October 1st at 5pm! Everyone is welcome to join us for this celebration service on our new property at 3643 Timber Mill Parkway. Click below for directions and song lyrics for the service.

What Is For The Church For The City?

For The Church For The City is our commitment over the next two years to reach more people than we ever have before. It’s all about coming together and combining our efforts to build a home that will reach more families, more children and more students with the life-saving message of Jesus Christ. This is the time for us to say that we are “all in” for our church and for our city and to make a commitment to do all that God is leading us to do through our lives and through our church.

Project Overview

Are You Ready To Take A Step Of Faith For The Church And For The City?

Community Benefit

We want this building to be a huge blessing to not only Front Range, but the community as well. Some of the community uses will include:

- Other churches that don’t have a facility
- MOPS (Mother’s of Pre-Schoolers)
- Students during the day and after school
- Local business meetings
- School functions
- Sports team banquets
- Weddings and funerals