The Church I See...

I see a church that expects and seeks God’s power and presence to invade every aspect of one’s life. A church where worship is more than a Sunday morning experience, but is a lifestyle, a pursuit of God’s Spirit interacting with our spirit. I see a church that seeks His Word, expects His power, experiences His miracles, and displays His love.

I see a church transformed by the power of Christ who seeks out the hurting, lost, and far from God; helping them experience the same transformation. A church that sits with the hopeless, loves the unloved, and gives home to the orphaned. I see a church with open arms for the disconnected and disengaged giving them a place to belong. A church that doesn’t judge one’s past or predict one’s future, but loves with God’s love today.

I see a church that listens and empowers one another to grow in faith, develop as leaders and become ambassadors of God’s Kingdom wherever they go. I see a church that defends family and propels generations who are bold in their faith and secure in their convictions. I see a church that unapologetically gives the next generation opportunities to live out their faith and discover who God created them to be.

I see a church that passionately proclaims the Gospel throughout the world through starting new churches. A church that invests resources, develops leaders and sends people to reach Castle Rock, Colorado and around the world through church planting.

I see a church that is the first to run courageously into the darkness to bring the light of Jesus. A church that seeks to rescue those lost and trapped in darkness. A church that is capable, knowledgeable and empowered to do what needs to be done to reach our world, starting with our neighbors, for the glory of God and the redemption of His people.

This is the church I see!

– Ernest Smith 2017