Front Range U

If you’re interested in taking a next step in your discipleship and leadership at Front Range, this is your opportunity. Front Range U is a process for people who want an intensive growth experience. We believe you're never too old or inexperienced to take a step in your leadership and what God may have for you! We break down the FRU program into 3 levels with varying degrees of commitment and responsibilities for each. Each level includes some level of ownership and responsibility on Sunday mornings and weekly trainings on Wednesday afternoons. These trainings include discipleship and leadership competencies designed to help you grow closer to Jesus and to develop the skills He’s gifted to you.

At levels 2 and 3, we accept interns and residents in the following ministry areas: Community Groups, Guest Experience, Kids Ministry, Student Ministry, and Worship Ministry.

Level 1

This is the starting point for anyone looking to grow in their discipleship, knowledge, and experience. We ask FRU participants at this level to serve twice a month on Sunday mornings from setup to teardown while also attending the mid-week training meetings. If you’re looking to grow and learn, regardless of age or stage, this is a great opportunity.

Level 2

Level 2 students will ideally choose a ministry focus to learn and serve under, which will guide their experience with more focus. They will be asked to serve with their ministry every Sunday morning at Front Range from setup to tear down (~6am-1pm) and will participate in weekly training meetings for 3-4 hours on Wednesday afternoons (day/time subject to change based on group needs).

Level 3

If you feel called to vocational ministry and have received some level of training previously, this may be for you. Participants at this level will be considered Front Range staff while participating in and helping lead both previous levels of FRU. If you have not completed previous training in ministry development and leadership, we strongly recommend starting with Level 1 or 2 first.

We believe that the training and experience at this level will help prepare you for vocational ministry, whether that is here at Front Range, or elsewhere. Ministry Residents work 25+ hours and are paid a minimal stipend to help with their cost of living. This stipend will not be enough to cover all expenses, so each ministry resident needs to have other plans to cover their expenses.

If you would like to sign up for this level, fill out the application here: