Reading Plan

Paul met the Lord, repented and turned in faith to Jesus. Journey with us and learn how God led Paul through three separate journeys, all to proclaim the truth—God's grace in forgiving sin through Christ.

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Paul's Missionary Journeys

Here's a video from the Bible Project covering Acts 13-20, Paul's missionary journeys!

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Check out this podcast from the Bible Project on the book of Acts!

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Acts Series

Our church went through most of the book of Acts a few years ago, and you can check out that series right here.

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The Bible from 30,000 Feet

Enjoy the magnificent panorama of Scripture like never before! Pastor Skip Heitzig shares a FLIGHT plan for all 66 books of the Bible to help you better understand the context and significance of each.

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Great Lives: Paul

The apostle Paul was, in his own words, "the chief of all sinners." Yet, this colossal figure left an indelible signature of greatness. Join renowned pastor Charles Swindoll in Great Lives: Paul as he examines the influence and impact of this remarkable man.

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Series Messages

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