Where Does My Money Go?

At Front Range, we want to clearly communicate how your generosity is used to bless the needs of others. Here are a few ways that your generosity is used to help others and help the church.

$1/Person: For every person that comes to Front Range on a weekend, we give $1/person away to a local or global organization that is doing great things to care for people. Check out a video from one of our recent partners here.

Christmas Eve Offering: Every Christmas Eve, we take all generosity given at our services and give it away to people and organizations in need. 

Blessing Others: Check out the table below to see how your generosity has been used to bless others since the beginning of Front Range in February 2013:

Total Money Given Away$286,253
Missionaries Supported18
Churches We Helped Start25
Families In Need Helped398
Money Given To Local Schools$18,485

In addition to blessing others and starting new churches, your generosity is used to sustain and further the ministry of Front Range. Each year we release a financial document detailing where the funds are used. To access the latest financial document, just email finances@frontrange.org

If you have any other questions about your generosity and how those funds are used to bless others or further the ministry of Front Range, please feel free to contact us at finances@frontrange.org